MozMeet 1.0


Date : 14th October 2014

Motto : Training 2 new FSA’s
The sun came up over the plain, hot and brilliant, just as it had done since the beginning of time. This day, the first ray of the morning sun fell on an astonishing light.

As planned the previous night Subhash, Bharat and Myself reached the University at 9 in the morning and the first thing we had to do was arranging for the venue. Very soon after a lot of up’s and down’s we managed to get a small place in the computer laboratory. The meeting kick started at 12:30 in the noon. We had our Rep Shreyas Narayanan and Nikhil Patel an expert in Telugu Localization along with us throughout the meeting. We first started by introducing ourselves to each other. As the motto of today’s meeting was to educate these two volunteers to become active and passionate Firefox Student Ambassadors, Shreyas started explaining them about Mozilla and Mozilla’s mission.


Up next I explained them about the various contribution pathways through which they could contribute to Mozilla. I also told them that for contributing to Mozilla one doesn’t need to be technically sound, you could perhaps try your hands with the non – technical part of Mozilla. Since they do not belong to the Computer Science Department and are from an Electronic Department background they asked me how could we contribute to Mozilla, for which I asked them a question “Do you use the Internet ? as you both belong to the Electronic Science Department don’t you ever use the Internet ?” for which they replied “Yes we do use the Internet”. So as far as you use the Internet it’s your willingness and responsibility to contribute to the Open Web and also protect it. These words sparked a fire in their minds and they were interested to listen to the further talks. Then I explained them about Maker Party and the motto behind organizing a Maker Party.


I then explained them about the various Webmaker Tools, Mozilla Developer Network, Army of Awesome, Spread the word, Writing Blogs.


Before I continue writing, something you should know about our two new WoMoz Mozillian’s in our family.
Well this is completely something which I feel from my part about them.
Let me introduce you to Neha Sadhvi, a WoMoz from Sathyabama University Chennai, basically from Patna, India. Studying Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering.


Mozillian Profile Link :

Well this girl is really enthusiastic in learning new concepts and ways through which she could contribute to Mozilla. She has a passion to talk, Yes! you guessed it right she is that talkative.

Now, let me introduce you to Shefali Sinha, yet another girl from Sathyabama University Chennai, basically from Saharsa, India. Studying Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering.


Mozillian Profile Link :

She is a girl who always thinks about future. So when we met her for the first time, all that she asked me was “When are you guys planning for the next event ?” She was keen in knowing the various pathways of contribution.

Then next Nikhil Patel explained them about Localization and how things work and are to be done.


Nikhil also told them why Localization is important and how it makes others life easier.


After this, a very good question was raised by one among the two FSA’s  “What’s the difference between Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Android, both are Open Source ?” A very well answer was thrown out by Shreyas, which really convinced them a lot and also me. He also explained them about the structure of hierarchy in Mozilla.



Then Subhash (FSA) explained them about Appmaker in detail and how the building blocks work and are connected with each other. He also shared with them his life experience being a Mozillian, and also the talents he learnt after joining Mozilla as a volunteer. This is something which really made them feel good and they were inspired by his words and thoughts. He also told them about the past events that we conducted as a team and the fun we have in planning and executing each and every event. He also briefed them about Maker Party and the effort we took to make it a huge success. All these made them more interested and fascinated towards joining and working as a team.

Pictures speak out better than words, check them out :

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