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“Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week”, and hence after a hectic week we selected this day for a jaw-dropping MozCafe. Wherein we had our 3 Official Mozillian Reps to  guide us through.

Reps that made the day inspiring  :

Shreyas Narayanan

Sujith Reddy

Naresh Kumar

I’m grateful to all the 3 Reps for making this day a memorable one.

Talking about Shreyas, this geek made the week amusing. We started kicking off the week by planning for  MozCafe a week earlier itself. To make things a little more fascinating for all the FSA’S he invited Sujith Reddy, who is currently a Rep in Hyderabad and yeah who really doesn’t know him ? Since he has gained so much fame and popularity in the Mozillian family, by spreading and preaching the word of Mozilla.

Thank you Sujith once again for shelling out your valuable time with us. It was great having you here.

Oops did I miss someone out ?  No not really. In fact I was astonished to see the 3 Rep mentioned above (Naresh Kumar) our long-old friend join us here.

Have a look at our Reps

Left-->Right Sujith Reddy, Naresh Kumar, Shreyas Narayanan

Sujith Reddy, Naresh Kumar, Shreyas Narayanan

Heading on to the next session wherein Shreyas, Sujith & Damini (WoMoz Head) explained us about the various ways we can contribute to Mozilla being a FSA.

They quickly briefed us about :

Quality Assurance

Spread the word

Helping Users


Web Development

Left-->Right Franklin, Achyuth, Shreyas, Damini, Naresh, Sujith, Subhash

Franklin, Achyuth, Shreyas, Damini, Naresh, Sujith, Subhash

Moving on, Achyuth and Gerald our super-experts in Localization and Visual Design though us both in a mellow-polished manner. Though we felt it initially a little strenuous to gasp things, nevertheless they made it feel like butter.

Left-->Right Achyuth, Shreyas & Gerald

Achyuth, Shreyas & Jerald

Up next Shreyas explaining us about the all new hype created over the Firefox OS. He explains it’s features and capabilities to us.

Left-->Right Franklin, Achyuth & Shreyas

Franklin, Achyuth & Shreyas


Oh ! yes being a Rep-cum-Dev, Shreyas gave us a Hands-On review about the Firefox OS Tab he told us that it was written using C++, JavaScript, CSS & HTML5. It runs on an ARM x86 Monolithic kernel. Here are a few images of the upcoming Firefox OS Tab.

Left-->Right Sumanth, Bharath, Subhash & Franklin

Sumanth, Bharath, Subhash & Franklin

Left-->Right Sujith, Gerald & Sumanth

Sujith, Gerald & Sumanth

Left-->Right Sujith, Naresh & Damini

Sujith, Naresh & Damini

In the mean while we planned and started discussing about the upcoming MakerParty Chennai as well as about HIVE Chennai too. We were basically formulating on how to proceed with things in a better and smarter way to make things better and comfortable for all the attendees.

Left-->Right Subhash, Franklin & Shreyas

Subhash, Franklin & Shreyas

Well putting in everything up a nutshell, I (Franklin Francis) feel immense pleasure working out with my power charged team. Every person here has a talent of his/her own and is a master at it. I feel home working with them, it feels like being a part of a family. No matter how late in the night it is drop them a message and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible to clarify my doubts. No one is ever perfect so am I, regardless of the number of times I do the same mistake my team is always there by my side to rectify my errors.

Hats Off to my glorious and joyful team.

Left-->Right Naresh, Subhash, Shreyas, Franklin, Sujith, Damini, Achyuth, Bharath, Sumanth, Shashank, Jerald

Naresh, Subhash, Shreyas, Franklin, Sujith, Damini, Achyuth, Bharath, Sumanth, Shashank, Jerald

Here is the Flickr Link as they say photo’s describe better than words can :

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